आनन्दधारा आध्यात्मिक मंच एवं वार्षिक पत्रिका

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिन: सर्वे सन्तु निरामया:, सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्द:खभाग्भवेत्


भू: भूव: स्व: मह: जन: तप: सत्यम् मन इन सप्त लोकों में विचरण करता है। मन जब इन लोकों से उपर उठता है तभी अध्यात्म की वास्तविक कहानी/प्रक्रिया शुरु होती है। प्राय: सांसारिक मन भू: [लिंग, मूलाधार], भूव: [गुदा, स्वादिष्ठान] व स्व: [नाभि, मणिपूरक] इन लोकों में ही भ्रमण करता है। मन को इन लोकों से क्रमश: उपर उठना चाहिये। कुण्डलिनी जागरण की प्रक्रिया क्रमश: मन को इन लोकों से उपर उठाता है । साधक की मन:स्थिति इन लोकों को भेदकर उपर उठने की होनी चाहिये। साथ ही साथ इन चक्रों को विजीत कर आगे उपर उठना चाहिये। साथ ही साथ मूलाधार पर पूर्ण नियंत्रण होनी चाहिये, कारण कुण्डलिनी का निवास यही है।


सदानन्द बाबा

सदानन्द बाबा

AnandDhara is going to have his biography in 3rd edition.
He lives in Pithair (close to sathni) on the way Mathura to Aligarh. He is desciple of Sri Shri Ram Sharma “Acharya”. Jhannu Mal Pathak, his desciple, lives with him. On every “Vasant Panchmi” , he celebrates his Guru birth day where large gathering of all his well wishers come and do participate in pooja and havan.

sadanand baba

sadanand baba

He lives there for atleast +25 years and guiding the people to live a better life.

People before starting any good work visits aashram and takes his blessing. They love him as their father.



This is place where Baba is worshipping Maa Gayatri and his holy gurudev, Shri Ram Sharma Acharyafor last +25 years.


Shiv Linga in the aashram.

SadanandBaba with desciple Jhannuji

SadanandBaba with desciple Jhannuji

When Jhannu Mal Pathak met him , +25 year back, near by his village in Gajju, asked him to come to this place and stay there which was accepted. This place is now very very spiritual enriched.

Those who come there taste such spiritual feeling.

Baba with Ishan

Just we reached there on 25th January and stayed there two nights.
We did Parikrama of Govardhan and Radha Kund on 26th January for first time. For him it was 317th parikrama. Initially he took vow to complete 324 parikarma of Govardhan and soon he will complete that.

We had little discussion on his way of worship and presence of Maa Gayatri and its impact. He described Gayatri as Mother in sense to overcome “Vasna” [visay]. Considering each women as mother and feeling/viewing presence of Mother Gayatri in that it becomes easy to get rid of Vasna.

For sucess in any field, he describes to peroform “right action at right place at right time”. Continuity must be there. We should have Strong faith in god/Guru. There is no God which can’t fulfill our desire. We discharge them and pick another one when things are not fulfilled according to us. Thus this is our faith not allowing us to remain focussed on single point.

He always found his guruDev, Shri Ram Sharma Acharya word correct. When he leaves his physical body, he will do Sadhna in “Sukhsma Sharir” .He will do his “Sukhsma Sadhan” for nine year. He will check all those who really love him and follow good path.

We got his aashirwad for AnandDhara for its bright future to guide and move with time.
Please read AnandDhara 3rd issue for his complete message.

Navratra 2012

Sadanand Swami (Navratra 2012)