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Amar Soni

Sketch of GuruDev shri Akhilanandji is made by Amar soniji.
  • Art Advisor & Illustrator at an N.G.O. (Pratham Organization)
  • Bundelkhand University
  • Bipin Bihari Degree Collage, Jhansi
  • Shri Guru Nanak Khalsa Inter College
Non-Profit Organization Management

Amar Soni’s Summary

Art, writing, design and education are four areas that I blend in my work. I am interested in working with children and young people to create new bridges in the world through the medium of art.

Conceptualizing, designing and illustrating ideas, thoughts and stories is my area of specialization. Translating the visual dimension of a project through diverse media such as drawing and painting, illustration, graphic design, photography and technology are my strengths. With a strong sense of character development for stories, I approach my projects through a combination of cultural understanding, imaginative thinking, research, improvisation and questioning. With training in education, design, dance and art history combined with practical experience in teaching, publishing, graphic design and research, I bring an interdisciplinary approach to my work.

What do children think and what inspires them to learn? How can art bring a new perception and thinking into their life? – Inspired by these two questions, as an educator, I believe in providing pathways for children to explore life deeply in thoughtful ways. Understanding children through their aesthetic abilities and perceptions, I look at ways to integrate their perception of the outer world with connections to their inner selves. With a natural ease for relating to children and sharing their joys and sorrows, I spend time with children engaging in fun and serious questioning, sharing of ideas and listening.

Amar Soni’s Specialties:

Amar Soni’s Specialties:
Children’s book Illustration, Writing for children, Story-telling, Conducting art and craft and creative thinking workshops, Art education, Painting, fiction writing, Expertise in 2-D multimedia softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.

Amar Soni’s Experience

  • Art Advisor & Illustrator

    an N.G.O. (Pratham Organization)

    (Non-Profit; 11-50 employees; Education Management industry)

    December 2006Present (3 years 10 months)

    Creative Art Adivisor for the children’s books and artistic creativity for the primery education.

Amar Soni’s Education

  • Bundelkhand University

    M.A. , (Drawing & Painting) , 20042006

    Activities and Societies:
    As a Volunteer to Organising a Art Workshop, Art Exhibition, Cultural Activities like different type of Art competition in the University and District level Cultural Programme
  • Bipin Bihari Degree Collage, Jhansi

    B.Sc , (Zoology, Botany, Chemistry) , 20002003

  • Shri Guru Nanak Khalsa Inter College

    Intermediate , Science , 19971999

Additional Information

Amar Soni’s Interests:

Painting, Research & development of Content for the children,

Amar Soni’s Groups:

Pratham organization, Srizan Kala Sanstha, Pulind Kala Deergha

Amar Soni’s Honors:

First Prize in spout painting competition in youth festival in bundelkhand university, Jhansi (2006)
Certificate in drawing competition organized by Jhansi Mahotsav Annual Program, Jhansi (2000).
Certificate in drawing competition organized by Jhansi Mahotsav Annual Program, Jhansi (1999) .
First Prize in spout painting competition in Jhansi Mahotsav Annual Program, Jhansi (1998)
First Prize in Drawing competition organized by Science Center, Jhansi (1997).
Certificate in drawing competition in Lion’s Peace Poster Contest organized by Lion’s Club, Jhansi Program (1995).
Certificate in drawing competition organized by P.N.B ( centaury ceremony) (1995).


अहंकार बहुत ही सूक्ष्म होता है। अत: अहंकार से बचना चाहिये। जो भी हो रहा है, ये सब गुरू-कृपा से ही  केवल संभव है।