आनन्दधारा आध्यात्मिक मंच एवं वार्षिक पत्रिका

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिन: सर्वे सन्तु निरामया:, सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्द:खभाग्भवेत्

आनन्द धारा — पृष्ठ भाग

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आनन्द धारा — पृष्ठ भाग


One thought on “आनन्द धारा — पृष्ठ भाग

  1. http://www.babajahangir.com
    Philosophical Essence

    Know thyself that is the most celebrated philosophical essence of human race. Man, whose comprehension has expanded from the minuscule atomic world to the collossum deatils of the galactic bodies and who has exerted great influence upon nature through the mastering of engineering is now facing the more important question of how much had we really learnt about our own self or how much self-control we could exert upon ourselves. In answering this we come close to Sufism which is an applied philosophy in the way to realize and communicate with the core driving force of our very existence.
    Man is made by God in the style of all the other living things making him a slave to his own instinct and tendency. However, he has not also been spared with the potential of overcoming this trend and tendency. He has been blessed with the power to win the incompliable hurdles of our nature. More often than not, we are misled by the tricky six senses playing within us. We have inside us the unbreakable link between fear and inertia. Sufism holds in our hand and takes us away free from the fruitless burden of these senses, namely, sex, pride and fear. It then allows us to settle down with the pure soul living dormant deep down in our heart.
    God exists in every soul that he has laid down to roam upon the earth. Man can attain the humane fullfilment by awakening the omnipotent Master in himself through focusing upon and purifying one?s soul. Because Creator is only the other name of that absolute soul.
    As goes in the Hadith-e-Kudsi: I was always there hiding from your eyes, I desired to express myself and I created All and expressed myself. Creator expresses himself through his Creation. We can find him in the non-living things in the qualitative form and in human beings as the living soul. He who has been successful in waking up that dormant soul is considered an `Olee? i.e. a friend of God. What he says and what does becomes the saying and the doing of God. He is the possesor of all his attributes. We are advised merely to follow him. Because He is the one who has been truly blessed.
    To ensure this self-purification and self-awakening we need an effective Guru or Murshid or Peer and attain self-knowledge, self-purification and self-satisfaction through sitting for a Moraqaba or Meditation under his able guidance. The Prophet himself set an example before us by doing the same for fifteen years at the Cave of Hera.
    Sufism is an effective philsophy. It leads us to a peaceful and pragmatic life on this very dusty earth.

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